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Hi, I'm Nikki...

There have been a lot of changes here at Ziva's Closet! In an effort to stay fresh and interesting, I have flipped the switch on my shop and turned it into a OOAK piece dream!

OOAK = ONE OF A KIND in case you weren't too savvy on the small shop lingo.

So now that the new system is up and running, I thought I would take the time to do a sort of "re-introduction" starting with myself!

So, how can I re-introduce the new Ziva's Closet. Imagine you're ordering a get to choose what kind of crust you want: Pan, Thin, Regular. This is your design. Then you choose your toppings. This is your fabric and options such as sleeve length, pocket, trim, etc. This is the new, improved way of shopping Ziva's Closet! Each piece you design is as original as you are! You get to make this yours. And think about this, you might inspire someone to order the same items as you! Do not fear though, for the most part each item is OOAK.

Have questions? I am here to guide you. If i find that the items you choose don't really flow together I may reach out and say hey why not this instead. If you don't find exactly what you like when you're shopping through the albums, reach out to me and I can hunt down & whip up the perfect item for you. This way the piece can be uniquely yours! So let's embrace the term: "Often imitated, never duplicated!"

As always, here at Ziva's Closet each piece is created with love, attention to detail, and

The wildflower top takes on a casual look when paired with jean shorts, sunglasses and sandals

an eye for unique fabrics. I want to take "Where Boho Meets Casual" to a whole new level! Casual doesn't have to mean boring. Casual is clothes suitable for everyday wear. And I like to think that each outfit can change from casual to formal depending on the accessories you choose! An outfit can totally take on a whole new vibe with the right accessories.

Adding a tutu and an over the top floral crown takes the wildflower top to the next level

And finally! If you have ever wanted to know a bit more about me, please take a look at this small Q & A video!

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