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More than a customer review.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

As a small shop owner I can truly appreciate every single customer that makes a purchase. My heart flutters especially when those customers become repeat customers! Nothing can quite describe the feeling you get when you have someone shop again. It means you're doing something right and that they're satisfied with their purchase & experience! But wondering what they think and actually knowing are two very different things. So, keeping that in mind, I decided to conduct a little interview.


Meet Sheri & her family

I'd like to introduce Sheri Sanchez, customer extraordinaire!

Sheri is a stay at home mom from the Midwest. She is momma to 3 beautiful children, 1 girl and 2 boys.

Q: How & when did you first hear about Zivas Closet?

A:》"When we first discovered the small shop community back in Fall 2017, and learned about brand repping, it was easy to find shops for my two young boys (then ages 2 mos & almost 2 y.o.), but I had a hard time finding clothes for my daughter (then 9 years old). Not many shops offered items in her size, and the ones that did just weren't our style. I posted an ISO in Brand Rep Beginners looking for any shops that offered her size. Nikki responded that she not only offered my daughter's size, but she was also currently holding a brand rep search! I checked out her IG and immediately fell in love. We've been hooked ever since!!"

This is Emmie rocking her Ziva's Closet top.

Q: Was the shop site easy to navigate?

A:》"The shop's site was actually recently revamped and it's very crisp and clean and easy to find exactly what I'm looking for."

Q: What was the first purchase you ever made? A: 》"Oh wow...let me think, there has been a lot! I believe our first purchase was a pair of Aztec print pants. The design was so gorgeous and they were nice and flowy, so Emily loved how comfy they were!"

Q: What was your first impression?

A:》"I remember how surprised I was with how light and flowy the fabric was! The print was even better in person, but the comfort was definitely a huge factor when deciding whether or not to buy again. It's easy to buy for toddlers because they wear whatever you put them in, but a 9 y.o. girl is very opinionated about her wardrobe, so you have to buy clothes they WANT to wear again and again. Seeing how much she loved wearing those pants definitely made me more comfortable buying Ziva's Closet for her again and again!"

Q:  Were you happy with your purchase?

A:》"I can honestly say there hasn't been a piece yet that I wasn't happy with! We've gathered quite the collection!"

Q:  What styles would you like to see in the future? A: 》"I'm really loving the cold shoulder tops, tie front tops, and  wrap skirts going into spring and summer."

Q: Ziva's Closet prides itself on bringing clothes "where boho meets casual," do you feel this is an accurate representation?

A:》"Absolutely! Emily has always enjoyed how comfortable all of her Ziva's Closet pieces are, and we love the prints and types of fabrics Nikki chooses! Everything is so easy to dress up or down depending on how you style it."

Accessories bring the look together.

Q: Would you recommend Ziva's Closet to friends and family & why? A:》"I definitely would, and have, recommended Ziva's Closet to all of my friends and family who have little girls!! It's so nice to support another mama, and at the same time get to dress your daughter in unique pieces that you won't see a hundred other girls wearing."

I want to thank Sheri for being so open and honest with us.  We love having stories like this and knowing that all our customers enjoy their purchases.  I take pride in the fact that I can offer bigger kid sizes because I know alot of shops don't do that.  I hope you learned a little about our shop from Sheri's experiences and I hope you find that we pride ourselves on being a unique "voice" in the small shop world.

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